General Infos:

Age: 26
Height: 156
Weight: 53
Bust Size: 3

Nationality: Canadian
1 hour, CAD: 100
2 hours, CAD:
All Night, CAD: 300
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Group sex
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower


You free tonight


are u free tonight

Hamilton? 1hr? Today before 4pm?

Like to meet you at my place hour

its been a while since Ive enjoyed a womans touch.. massages and great sex has been on my mind. if these are your pictures I would love to plan something with you in the future... regards



Are you available for an hour

Are you available for an hour

Are you available for an hour in the Hamilton area tonight

Are you free today.. my email is brucegee9oh5@gmail.com

Hey I was wondering if your available tomorrow afternoon

Hey, are you available tonight?

Hi sweetheart your gorgeous , I called you you can call me Steve , at least a couple of hrs if not all night ????

Are you with a condom or bareback style

Are you available for tonight

Are you available

Hello there

Are you free today

Are you available

Hello hany are you available

Hello hany

In need of your service

Hey so Im just curious is the golden shower is a give or receive or can it be both ways?

No more pics ? Gorgeous girl

Want to come over

Hey are you available tonight?

Are you available

U available?

You available tonight?

U available?

You busy?

Hi beautiful you available

Hi are you available tonight

Are you available

Hi you available

Hey there

Hi cal me when your free not free but free time

Wondered if you e up for some Anal on the next couple hours at my house October let me know text me back

I’m interested for tonight let me know if you’re available

I want to meet

Location or willing to travel

Hi you are incredibly gorgeous and I’d love to spend some time with you at least a hr

What about having some fun at my place tonight?

Hey beauty what about tomorrow night

Hay looking for some fun r u available

Hey beautiful are you free for tonight?

Hi Katie I’m interested for tomorrow and looking for the whole night are you available

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Was wondering if you could do a out call tonight

U real?

hi sweetie are you free tonight?

Hi. I ami trested in you.

Really am interested in Your services

Really want to meet you!


Hey beautiful are you available

Hi gorgeous ???? are you still available tonight

Hey. Are you available tonight. I would love for you to show me a good time

When r u avalble

Hey when you r available?

Just want u to dance

Are you available in Hamilton

Are u available

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Hi when are you available

Hi you free?

Do you do pegging? strap on play?

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Are u available today

Are you available today

Are you available

I just wanna to have a good sex time

You are cute

Hi sexy. Im a 23 year petite girl, hoping we can hook up