General Infos:

Age: 27
Height: 135
Weight: 42
Bust Size: 3

Nationality: Canadian
1 hour, CAD: 100
2 hours, CAD: 110
All Night, CAD: 200
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Oral without condom
Role playing
Toys / Dildos


R u available

R u available

Are you available

R u available

Are you available from 12 until 3. When I look at your picture I gotta have some of that

Tex me back

Are you available today

Are you free tomorrow all night?

Let hang out

Hi your $200 for 24hours what do you look like send real pictures of your self

Are you available today ?

Kims number is in California just another fake ad

Hello are you available this Friday lunch time!

Available now

Are you available tonight in Hamilton or just a fake ad like most of the girls on here... ..never really thought about how much theyd be trembling and gossiping after a few months of me power pounding that face and asshole

Are you available for tomorrow


Im incredibly interested in your services. Maybe you can text me? 905-923-5561

Are you available tonight in Hamilton?

Tried to call no answer

Are you available now for outcall?

Hi Kim. Are you available to come over tonight?

Are you available tonight

Are you available tonight

Are you available tonight

I am pretty easy

Hi babes re u available right

Hello how are you today?

Heyyyy what you up tooooo I have 220$ for youuu

289 440 ....

Are you busy

Call me

Are you available for the night tomorrow or 2 hrs any time works for me. Thanks.

Free Wednesday night

Hi I m sunny

Think you fake cuz Im just callrd

Free rn?

I interested in all night

You are beautiful I would love to have a couple hours with you

Hi kim

Id love to see you for 24hrs.. please let me know when you e available... thanks for your time

how much for nightjust me

no golden shower?

You available tonight

Are you available tonight

Hey girl

Whole night? Tonight


I need you for an all night at my jacuzzi room hotel Saturday night. Are you available?

Are you available tonight? Im on the west mountain

No I’m in ottawa !

Are you available tonight ?

Hello there whats your phone number?

You awesome and sweet! You in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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Hey there Om

Hey Hun are u available for 200 for tonight?? ????

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So 2hrs is 110$

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i will be in hamilton in to week his it posabel to meet and how much

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My Telephone Number (365) 336-5503


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How Much For A Blowjob?

I want to see you for an hour sexy

I want to see you for an hour sexy


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Yes my name is Rob I would like to get to gather with you

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I would like you to come to my address

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Hi just looking for some fun. First time doing this so not sure what to do here.


hello you are very beautiful when you are ready

not looking for out call

thinks she is nice hot

thinks she is nice hot

Looking for a hour outcall in Hamilton by the top of kenilworth