Chantal Spice

General Infos:

Age: 24
Height: 159
Weight: 50
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: Canadian
1 hour, CAD: 70
2 hours, CAD: 110
All Night, CAD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower


Text me if your available for at least 3 hours 226 280 5985

Hey txt me 3657779057 for an overnight

Hello there, any chance that you are available this evening.


Are you free tonite


U do incalls?



Are available

Don let your boyfriends answer the phone

110 for 2 hrs you available tonight can I see new pic

Hey are you available tonight

Hi sweetie I am 55 clean avg man llike to get fucked

R u available


R u avable tonight

Do you model ?

Are you available for anal sex this evening? Thanks Mark


70$ outcall anal?

Are you free tonight

Hey, when can I visit?

Are you in Hamilton?

Are you e available now

Are you free tonight?

Hey let me know if you are still available

Hi , are you available tonight ?

Hey are you available tonight

Im interested in tonight about 6 or 7 lets talk

Im interested for tonight

Are you available Sunday night?

70 for an hour I’m here where u at pull up

U available

Hello how are you


Are you available tonight

can i see to night

Hi, I can have you tomorrow Saturday from 5:00 PM for an hour, write me the address and if I can come Steve.

Ill be jumping in the shower if you e available

Hamilton mountain?

You’re available today?

can i see you

can you me right now 70

can you me right now 70

You free know


Where abouts are you?


Hey sexy

Halo are awelabol.

You free tonight .

Hey you do half hours...just getting off work aND I would love a bj while I spin a bowl...puddle...Tina..whatever we be calling the bitch these days....get at me...if you wanna wor it out

Hey I was wondering if your available

You free now

Hey you available now

You available tonight

Ill take you all night

Would love to book done time

Do you come to aldersot

Do u come to aldershot

Hi are you available

You avelablie

Whic are are you live

U available

Hi from Hamilton call if available


Text me

2263746822 Anal and oral and regular sex 2 hrs

Hi im looking for 2hrs for oral sex and anal sex and straight sex

Hey are you available now

Are you available now

How are ya

You available

Are you available?

Hey are you available?

Hey you outcall?’re gorgeous...are you available today or tomorrow? Thanks

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where is it available

Budget inn area?

Where are located

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Hi beautiful

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You up baby

Hey there

Are available for an hour soon

Are you available for an hour for an outcall

Hey I’m waiting for u

Are u available now

Wana hang out.

Hi hun are you available now or in a couple of hours? Looking for a outcall

Okay, but text me. Thats better for me.

I can have you tomorrow on Tuesday for an hour at 5 pm?

If I want vaginal sex do I need too ware condoms

You available for out call

R u available

You available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available

Hello just wondering are you available


Hey whats up hun just wondering if you are able for a out call? And if you like to get high..

You available now I’m at motel 6 now

Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in making an outcall and two guys at once

Looking only to eat you out front and back.feel you up. Thats all. Im in the Hamilton area.

Hey there sexy

Text me please

Text me please if your available now please

Hi are u available in the next hour.

You free now

Are u available? Im on Hamilton mountain

Do you incalls also? If not I can host have anyone over night.l can come to you instead. 2 hrs. 110 dollars cash right? Please let me know thanks

Are you available now for a out call?

Hello there, are you available this evening. I’m in the need of some personal attention.

You available tonight??

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Can you come to waterdown for a hour ?

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message me if you have time tonight

Hi you can tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Downtown Hamilton, Steve

All right tomorrow at 4:00. I mainly need a massage. My back hurts.

Hi, you could tomorrow at 6 pm, its Saturday.

Tomorrow morning

Oh not only are you sexy but awesome rate to your available right now

im down for an hr or so if ur real and available ive got $

I would like to spend 1:00 with you on Saturday at 4:00 in the afternoon. Will you send me the address?

You a robot

Are you real.

Where abouts are you located

Are you girlfriendly i have a bi girlfriend and she want in so let me know if your down

Do u do out calls

I don’t thank she is real never got to my text

Are you real?

Are you available for an outcall Hamilton mountain, tomorrow evening at 7

Hi gorgeous


Hello do you do in calls

Hi are free

Hey tell me youre free

Ar you working bb

Hey are you real