General Infos:

Age: 44
Height: 165
Weight: 43
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: Kazakhstani
1 hour, CAD: 150
2 hours, CAD: 250
All Night, CAD: 550
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Role playing


Location? Thanks

Hey what is youre location


Hello dear are you available tomorrow night for about 2hrs if you are available for around 7or 8 pm

Hi where would I be able to pick you up

Hi, Jian. Are you available for fun? Are you in Hamilton. Im interested in spending a hour with you. Thanks

Your phone number has to many numbers sweetheart

Whats your rates and location

Hi baby are you in Hamilton

Hey love ,,you available T some point

What are your restrictions babe

Are you available

Can u come meet and fuck right now text me my number is+13658898241

Are you available today ?

Are you available today ?

how much for HH

Can I have you right now ?

Are you available January 18? I crave older asian Party? Sailorman likes to plau

Hey just wondering if your available later this week?

Are you available tonight?

Do you do oral without a condom?

You available tonight

Estás disponible ahora

Are you available

You available?

You available?

Hello, are you available now?


Are you available now

Are you available now

I did not get a reply, whether you are located in Hamilton Ontario, and do you have Canadian phone number?

Are you in Hamilton Ontario, and how to pay contact you?


Hi Are you in Hamilton

Are you still working

Are you available this weekend

Im looking for all night from 7pm to 7am text me with the price @ 519 546 1402 thx Brian

Hi Juan Nice too meet you Are you available Sunday for the night and could you tell me your restrictions and donation Thanks

Where r u located and r u available tomorrow during the day

next monday r u available

Are you available?

I was wondering if your available?

Hey bay I want to fuck you so hard

How to contact u

What number can you be reached at

Hi gorgeous are you available right now or in the next few hours?

Are you free for an hour out call tonight

Are you free tonight or tomorrow babe?

Where are you located?

R u free in a bit

Where are you located like to meet you Bill

hey there you available

Hi I would like to book something when are you available

Can you travel to Burlington nearby city hall

Can you travel to Burlington dt near city hall

Hello there I crave asian fun...older man late 50s looking to party Thursday night..are you available?

Hi. Are you available for an outcall tonight?

Hi I would like to spend a night with you tonight I am very clean guy good looking who works to much and from time to time I would like to spend a night with you

Hi how are you I live in Hamilton how much for a night I am very clean guy good looking I am buzzy working guy from time to time I would like to spend a night with you

Would u do anything for 80 an a out call


Hi god morning


Hi where are you.

Im celebrating my 23rd birthday in a few days, how much would it cost to have you come to St Catharines for an hour?

Where are you located like to meet

Where are you located like to meet you