General Infos:

Age: 19
Height: 171
Weight: 50
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: American
1 hour, CAD: 70
2 hours, CAD: 150
All Night, CAD: 600
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
For family couples


Hi, my name is Dan, I think you’re very cute. I’m wondering if you are available for Wednesday night at 6 PM for one hour. Do you offer anal? Do you allow CIM? You can reach me at

Where are you located in? Are you available?

Where are you located in? Are you available?

9055370175 tae you avalible

Ate you avalible 9055370175

Hi hows it going

1 hour tomorrow in the evening

Like to have you tomorrow

Whats up

I will be in Hamilton tomorrow


Hi there you so cute are u available


Hi what’s your address??

Want to meet up for oral an watch u masterbate while u suck my cock

Hi are you avaliable today 30mins or quicky. incall? How much? And where are you located

Hey are you available for sex tonight at my home ?


Just saying hi,my first time,are you enjelina

Hi are you in Hamilton, and are you available?

Cash ok

Need a 2 hour date

Looking for some fun for a couple of hours

Hey there

Im down to smash, im a white guy with a mediocre dick only need an hour, do you accept t le transfer love

I want to lick and kiss u for couple hours

Looking for a friend around 2pm. Can you help?

Hi are you available for later around 7pm?

Hello how are you doing? Are you available Im just outside of Hamilton

Hello there. You free?? Cash only

Hey are you available if so whats your number

Are you available?

Are you available?

Are you available?

Hey are u available

Hey are u available

Hey are you available?

Looking for a fun night for me and my hubby would like someone willing to be tied up

Are u in Hamilton nz

Are you available right now

Call me I would most enjoy 69and eat your pussy fuck and I have treats 2894423204 do oupap

Are you located in hamilton? Do you offer 69 Do you accept cash ? Msg back at


You available today or tonight hun ??

Hey love you available today or tonight ?? Very interested

Hey you hows it goin

Hi. Is your height 170cm?

Are you available tonight?

Has anyone ever connect with this beautiful girl

T x me back 2896593020

Hi meet hamilton

Are you available

Hey Im interested

Hey r u avalible


You around

Are u available

Give me a

Tonight 7PM 2 hrs

Are you available sometime today for some fun

Hey there

Hey there

Are u available right now babe

Available ?

Hey u still in Hamilton area

Hi you available tonight

Are you free tonight

You free tonight

Are you free tonight

Txt me 3653661432

U available

Hello beautiful

Hi beautifull are available this morning

Do u party

Do u pa


Can we meet

r u available tonight

Hi Hun how much for the hour

What’s your Snapchat?

Would enjoy your company tonight, arr you available:

Are you available in Hamilton tonight?


Anyone there

Hello you available now

Available now?

You available now


Hey girl. Are you available for a couple hours today?

Hey hun are you free today around 9-10am for outcall? 9053242289 text me

I want you to come here and watch me materbate while I sniff coke and you can ride me till you pussy creams. My number is +13658886642 I live alone we can fuck all day

Do you take incalls ? Where are you located

How much do you charge for in call or car

How much do you charge for in call or car

How much do you charge for in call or car

Hi r u available by tn?

Are you available now?

R u available beautiful

Hhhiii hope its not too early

Are you free now?

you available brantford

Hello there are you available tomorrow. And what are your rates

Hey are you available tomorrow

Hay hot stuff

You available for 5 couple in East Hamilton around 10 pm for 2 hrs babygirl

You available

Hi Andjeline If your available today for a few hours outcall, give me a message at 226 280 5985. Im in Hamilton. Thx Ron

Hj price?

Hey hun. U avail

Hey overnights $?

Are you free now

Hey there hmu let me kno when ur available

You free now?

You free now?

Are you free

you free now

Rick thats my number 2896591229


You available tonight

Are you available tonight?

289-442-2897. Would like to meet.

Lets hook up hour and a half

Are you free soon?

Where you located

R u availed in Hamilton for bj in 1hour

Hey are u available

U free rn

Can we fuck soon.?


Hey are u available

Hi there are you available on hamilton 1hr




hey r u free rn?

hi want to hook up

You available for all day hun and are you in Hamilton?

Are you free today. Do you do Incalls ? What is your rate for that. And where are you located and free around 5ish tonight. My email is

Hey I was wondering if your available tomorrow afternoon?

How to contact baby?

Heyy don’t know if the last one worked lol. But are u available tn

Hey babe u free rn?

You free today?

Hey babe u free rn

Hello are you available for incall today

Can i come today?

U available

Mmm lets say Ill double up, where u located

Are u available?

are you available

Are you available

Hi are you available?

R u available

Hi are you available

U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton

U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton

U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton

Looking for girl that partys

I know it sounds dumb but if i pay for a hour and say i don last long is it over after i bust

east hamilton/stoney creek

You around tonight?

How far from cobourg are you?

Are u available





You busy now



Hi there are you available

Hey you busy tonight

Are you available?

Hey are you avaible

Hey I was wondering if your available?

U available

Are you available for today


Hey u done

Are you available now for an outcall for an hour

U available

Hey you available

Heyy u availible now

text me male 30 hamilton ontario. looking for massage maybe more beautiful.

Are you available. In stoney Creek

U available


Are you in Hamilton?

Are you in Hamilton on

Are you available

Hay would love to hook up tomo evening r u available

Hi honey are you available

Whats yr locatiin

Yo where u located

If your interested for the night

Are you in niagara

Hey you available for my gf and I?

Are u available

Are u available

Are you in niagara

Are you open to everything

Are you free tonight for An hour or two

Can I come to day

Hey hun how are you doing today

Are you available around 11 11:30 tonight and can you come to Beamsville

Are u available tonight around 11

You available

Hi Im interested in getting tonight Im 55 In Hamilton

What up

I what up are available

Are you available tonight babe?

Your number is long distance

R u available

Are you available today

Hi baby

Hi baby

R u available today

Do you do incall rightnow

Can you come to waterdown for a hour ?

Hi I was wondering if you could come to waterdown for a out call ?


You do incall?

U avail

U only do outcalls



Can u come right now for an hour

Hey u can come for an hour

You can tomorrow its Thursday at 8:00. P.m. 275 king street west?

70 hr 150 2?


I want to fuck hardcore are u up for it im up for you


Hi honey Good morning

How do you get your message? I have been messaging you no answer sweetie.

Good morning honey

Hi honey!How do I communicate with you?

Are u available now?

Hey I live in Hamilton I would like for a night I am a nice guy

Hi honey

Hi honey

Hello am in dundas are u available now for 2 hours

Hi baby is the information ok ?

Me and my girlfriend think your hot and want to get together for 2hrs. If your in the Hamilton area let me know

You real?

I would like you for the night

Call me

Hey babe, I am down for you


Hi bebe

Want to get to know about you. Hey can your number?

When you meet

In calls?

Hi honey